Adding a new site to existing Anobi project

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  • Start Toggl as you work on the project.
  • Contract should be signed, downpayment (if exists) already accepted by us. The contract should specify a contact person and prerequisites for the material.
  • Materials should be in their final form, arrive directly from the customer's contact person, after they were approved by him.

Receive materials

  • KRPano into KRPano/${ProjectName} - see KRPano
  • Object2VR into Object2VR/${ProjectName} - see Producing 360s
  • The rest of the materials into: Air/${ClientName}/${ProjectName}Materials - verify images have at least a resolution of HD.
  • All file names should be in English, no special characters in the name, no spaces in the file names.
  • Floor plans should arrive with an organized excel containing: Building name, floor, number of rooms, type of apartment (flat / penthouse / garden / duplex / villa), any additional info if appropriate.

Setting up the project

  • Setup an XML element for the new project:
  • A flag for the project location should appear in the correct place on the map.