Producing 360s

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  • Start a timer - to measure how long it takes and charge accordingly.
  • Download all the images into my object2vr folder: client-name/project-name
  • Read the imaging in using the sequence definition of images.
  • Remove anything besides for the 360 itself:
* Images size should match the original, 97% jpeg compression
* userdata
  • Make sure the rotation goes the right way - part closer to us is the part we'll be dragging.
  • Produce both swf and html outputs
  • Pack the files in a zip and send using wetransfer
  • Send to my hosting so that the customer will have first hand demo.

Ideas for automation:

  • Have all of this run using a script on a small aws machine. I wish object2vr had a SASS... Maybe I can talk with them about it???