Producing KRPanos

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Copy a script for auto-creating the panoramas from another dir. It takes care of adding the right compass, and creating 2 versions for the panoramas: for iPad and the kiosk


  • Track hours
  • (Panorama) If multiple floors - change file names to be 01, 03, etc.
  • (720) Name should be raw.jpg
  • (Panorama) Fix horizon

Fix horizon by measuring the hight in pixels to the horizon, and adding height:

 for i in 01,2514 02,2385 03,2485 04,2638 05,2429 06,2532 07,2406 08,2391 09,2400 10,2508 11,2548 12,2726 13,2593 14,2546 15,2569 ; do
    set -- $i
    echo $1 and $2
    convert Originals/$1.jpg -gravity south -background white -extent x$(($2*2)) ./$1.jpg
  • (720) Fix proportions. Height should be 0.5 of width:
identify -format "Original width: %[fx:w]; Original height: %[fx:h]; Height should be: %[fx:w/2]\n" original.jpg
`identify -format "export IMAGE_WIDTH=%[fx:w]" original.jpg`
`identify -format "export IMAGE_HEIGHT=%[fx:w/2]" original.jpg`
convert original.jpg -gravity south -extent ${IMAGE_WIDTH}x${IMAGE_HEIGHT} raw.jpg
convert original.jpg -gravity south -extent 27648x13824 raw.jpg
  • Fix an existing script
* pic_x, pic_y
* pic_path
  • Verify compass is right, directions appear in the sky
  • Floors script prepares 2 versions - tour and standalone
  • Add lens flare coordinates if appropriate
  • Find north
  • Align north - fix headings in the script
  • Fix top in tour and standalone floors
  • Send the results: aws s3 cp --acl public-read Floors${ProjectName}.zip s3://anobi/ # Or