Receipts automation

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  • Dealing with receipts is tedious:
    • The information gets printed out on sent by email in a non-standard format, and has to be typed in again by the recipient in order for it to be used.
    • Current scanning abilities (OCR / Mechanical Turk) are error prone
  • Information on receipts can be useful for:
    • Taxes
    • Budgeting
    • Personal data mining
  • There's no standard for a digital way to transfer the information from the issuer to the recipient
  • There seems to be little incentive by some sides to help automate the process
  • Note: automating the process could lead to privacy concerns, that today's manual processes is obfuscating

There seems to be an easy way to solve this:

  • Link from the receipt (using a URL / QR-Code) - to a standard format that contains the receipt's information - digitally on the web.
  • Use this standard format by the recipient in his different applications. This way, manual error-prone data entry can be prevented. With a click on the link - the correct data will be fed to the recipient's system.