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It costs now $150/3-years to own a micro machine on AWS. Together with cheap S3 - it's a nice opportunity to think of moving my work environment completely to the cloud.

Last week my hard drive crashed. I found out that I don't really need it for my day to day work, most of what I do is web based anyway. So I booted an Ubuntu, got hold of some .ssh keys from CrashPlan - and I was set to go with 95% of my work.

Streamlining the d/l of the keys from S3 would be nice, if only I could:

  • curl | sh
  • Type in a password (better - with TFA).
  • Be set to work, including:
    • LastPass
    • .ssh keys
    • Basic productivity tools that require minimal time to be ready.

That would be awesome.

Added benefits:

  • Quite a nice anonymity on the web. My fingerprints were minimal.
  • No sluggish processes running doing unnecessary stuff.
  • Being able to boot from different Ubuntu's / machines - all I need is any live-cd.
  • Extremely high reliablity - I have nothing on my hard drives, so nothing gets lost. S3 is Very reliable.

Thanks Tal Muskal for giving me some inspiration with this :)