Nudging people to be courteous

From Eitan Burcat
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People in Israel don't know that on escalators you're supposed to keep to the right - so that people who are in a hurry - will be able to climb the escalators faster on the left lane. That's the whole point of having more than 1 lane in escalators. So, why don't double-laned escalators have instructions on them of what's the right ettiquette? Who knows. Anyway, there was a campaign on the train - to tech Israelis some etiquette. I think all the malls, hospitals, offices - should join forces on this campaign.

Another way to nudge people to keep to the right? Insist on bypassing people on escalators from the left. Ask "excuse me", teach them that they are supposed to stick to the right. If many people would keep doing it - it'd be the norm... Wouldn't it? One nudge at a time. I've started to make it a point anytime I'm on an escalator. And I get places faster this way :)